Lifesize Share - Wireless Media Sharing for Any Meeting Space

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Product Overview

Lifesize Share eliminates the clutter and delivers a truly wireless solution for sharing your media.

With Lifesize Share, all you need is your browser or AirPlay® and you’re ready to go, and that includes guests, too. Passing cords and dongles from presenter to presenter is a thing of the past. 

From sharing your laptop screen to playing full-motion videos to driving a presentation right from your mobile phone, Lifesize Share™ gives you flexibility for how you wirelessly present in the meeting room. 

It’s a simple way to quickly add wireless capabilities to conference, training and huddle rooms throughout your offices. Connect it directly to any display or video conferencing system.

  • Present from any laptop using your web browser – share your screen, files, or online media
  • Ultrasonic laptop pairing for simple and secure room connection
  • Share a file or stream video from your mobile phone
  • Supports AirPlay®
  • Multiuser sharing queue lets you quickly change presenters
  • Easy setup allows for quick deployment throughout your offices
  • Automatic software updates
  • Directly connect to any room display or to your Lifesize® IconTMor other video systems 

Includes 2-year Device Software Subscription for Lifesize Share which covers your wireless sharing device investment with hardware support, advanced replacement, automatic software updates and enables centralized cloud management features.


Sharing with Lifesize Share

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review