Lifesize Digital Micpod

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Product Overview

Lifesize Digital MicPod

Purpose-built for crystal clear audio


Lifesize Digital MicPod

The Lifesize® Digital MicPod™ video conference microphone reduces ambient room noise and features beam-forming technology that automatically steers its three microphones toward the person speaking for greater voice pickup. Touch-sensitive mute button and LED indicators for Mute and In-Call round out the user-friendly design that makes Lifesize Digital MicPod a clear-cut choice for organizations that need to extend the audio pickup range of Lifesize® Phone™ HD or Lifesize Phone, 2nd Generation.


Greater Voice Pickup

Beam-forming technology automatically steers toward the active talker

Be Heard

Extend the audio pickup range of Lifesize Phone HD or Lifesize Phone, 2nd Generation

Amazing Clarity

Bring crystal-clear audio to even the largest collaboration spaces

Pro Audio

Provides 48 kHz audio sampling rate

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Tech Specs


Three microphone elements with beam-forming technology

48 kHz audio sample rate

Mute and In-Call LED indicators


Height: 15.0 mm/0.59 in. (including rubber feet)

Diameter: 86.2 mm/3.39 in.

Weight: 166 grams/0.36 lbs


Up to two Lifesize Digital MicPods each supported by Lifesize Phone HD or Lifesize Phone, 2nd Generation

Lifesize Digital MicPod works only with Lifesize Phone HD or Lifesize Phone, 2nd Generation, via two Lifesize Link connectors


(No reviews yet) Write a Review